Avoid damaging your heat exchangers and condensers with our expandable tube plugs.

    tube plugging made easy

    We work with you to determine the best solutions for your condensers and heat exchangers. As well as coming up with Custom Solutions when necessary.

    best solutions for your condensers and heat exchangers

    No order is too large or too small we manufacture all expandable tube plugs in house.

    Large invevtory same day shipping in most cases

Welcome to Heat Exchanger Products

At Heat Exchanger Products Corp, we pride ourselves on manufacturing top quality silicone condenser and heat exchanger tube plugs for several industries including; Nuclear, Fossil, and Electrical generating plants, Petro-Chemical, Marine, Pulp and Paper, and Petro-Chemical Plants and anyone in between with a condenser or heat exchanger.

Our versatile range of heat exchanger plugs are celebrated amongst maintenance personnel for their ease of installation, and ability to keep their seal without deteriorating under heat and cycling. We manufacture our tube plugs in Brass, 316 and 304 Stainless Steel, Titanium and our Non Metallic Ultem 2300 material and in sizes to fit tubes from 5/8” up to 1 1 /4” for your trade-specific requirements.

Hepco, for short, is dedicated to every client’s individual needs, and will design and manufacture custom tube plugs for almost any unique application. We will work with you to determine the right material and size choice for your tube IDs, internal temperatures and pressures as well as any epoxy coated or tube wall erosion problems that need to be addressed.

And at Hepco, we strive for outstanding Customer Service because we want to make all of our customers, customers for life!

Why Choose Our Hepco Expandable Plugs

Avoiding tube damage when plugging condenser tubes is essential to the life and longevity of your condenser and heat exchanger tubes. As with the pound in versions, while they may be slightly less expensive, as soon as they are installed, the damage has begun. An easy way to avoid this, especially if you are dealing with low pressures and temperatures, is to install an expandable plug. With the expandable plug, installing and even uninstalling them requires little effort and results in zero damage to tubes or tube sheets. There is no drilling and little down time when uninstalling our plugs. With our high temperature rated silicone, these will not deteriorate and lose their seal over time as with the black neoprene versions of expandables.

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