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Stainless Steel Tube Plugs

Our stainless steel tube plugs are made with 316 Stainless Steel nut and bolt assembly. We manufacture the collar and washers from a non-water soluble hard plastic called Hytrel and the silicone parts are made from vulcanized silicone rubber.

These tube plugs are offered in either a double size (two silicone parts) or a single size (one silicone part). The single plugs are recommended for lower pressures and the doubles are for pressures up to 150 psi. Install our Stainless Steel tube plugs with a Pre-Set Torque Wrench Installation Kit from HEPCO that will make the installation process effortless. Refer to the table below to determine the precise stainless steel condenser tube plug you require for your industry and request a quote, or contact the experts at HEPCO for all of your questions at (800) 472-8484.

Key Benefits:

Will not fracture / distort tube or tube sheet

Non-corrosive easily installed / extracted


Ideal for coated surfaces

Please refer to our FAQ page for more information about the exact heat, pressure and usage specifications of HEPCO’s stainless steel tube plugs and the rest of our range of heat exchanger tube plugs.

Plug Part Number Description in .001 Dimensions
5/8″-SS-D | 5/8″-SS-S fits .527 to .595 I.D. fits 5/8″ tube 18 to 25 BWG
3/4″-SS-D | 3/4″-SS-S fits .652 to .713 I.D. fits 3/4″ tube 18 to 25 BWG
7/8″-SS-D | 7/8″-SS-S fits .777 to .837 I.D. fits 7/8″ tube 18 to 25 BWG
1″-SS-D | 1″-SS-S fits .902 to .962 I.D.. fits 1″ tube 18 to 25 BWG
1 1/8″-SS-D | 1 1/8″-SS-S fits 1.027 to 1.087 I.D. fits 1 1/8″ tube 18 to 25 BWG
1 1/4″-SS-D | 1 1/4″-SS-S fits 1.152 to 1.212 I.D. fits 1 1/4″-tube 18 to 25 BWG

Heat Exchanger Products Corp manufactures the most reliable silicone condenser tube plugs on the market today for
several industries, including: electrical generating plants both nuclear and fossil, pulp and paper and petro-chemical.