Key Benefits

Touted as some of the most dependable quality silicone condenser tube plugs in the industry, Heat Exchanger Products Corporation’s products are crafted with an impressive suite of features and benefits. What sets them apart and makes them so sought after are the materials we use to manufacture them. We use a highly flexible silicone for the expansion material that will not deteriorate over time and lose their seal as well as a non-water soluble hard plastic for the washer and collar so that no metal touches the tube, reducing the likelihood of galvanic action within the tubes.

Our tube plugs are easy to install and extract, and are guaranteed not to fracture or distort the tube sheet. They also work ideally in coated surfaces. The unrivaled value of our heat exchanger plugs is evident in the fact that they will last 20+ years with normal use, are non-corrosive and reusable.

  • Will not fracture/distort tube or tube sheet
  • Easily installed/extracted
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for coated surfaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • 20 year life expectancy in normal service
  • Installation kit available (pre-set torque wrenches)

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Heat Exchanger Products Corp manufactures the most reliable silicone condenser tube plugs on the market today for
several industries, including: electrical generating plants both nuclear and fossil, pulp and paper and petro-chemical.