Happy New Year From Hepco!

With the start of 2015 upon us, here at Hepco we are celebrating our success found in 2014, as well as the numerous opportunities we’ve had to network and connect with other experts and professionals in the Power Generation industry. In 2014 we are proud to have attended numerous conferences, conventions and expos around the country, and we look forward to the exciting functions we plan to attend this year.
2014, A Great Year With Many Great Experiences
For our team, the value of attending meetings, expositions and other events extends beyond the ability to network. Each event allows us to expose and display new heat exchanger plugs in our product line, gain exposure for our brand, and obtain valuable information about the newest industry developments, trends, and breakthroughs. At each event we also get the opportunity to conference with knowledgeable power plant personnel, many of whom become clients, or connect us with potential leads. It’s the combination of these valuable benefits and connections that motivate us to attend these functions year after year.
Ending The Year On A High Note
To bring 2014 to a close with one final event, we attended Power-Gen International, December 9-11 in Orlando Florida. This world-renowned event provides a stage for the newest ideas, innovations, and solutions in the power generation industry. The function attracts monumental attendance, with this year’s event bringing in a record-breaking 22,000 attendees from around the world. This powerful forum offered 5 days of tours, workshops, conference sessions, exhibitions and panel discussions, as well as unmatched networking opportunities.
2015 Heat Exchanger Performance User Group Meeting
To kick off the new year, we look forward to attending the annual Heat Exchanger Performance User Group or (HXPUG) meeting which is held in Amelia Island, Florida in February of 2015. This unique function welcomes nuclear industry professionals who are involved with the maintenance and performance of heat exchangers. Hepco will be exhibiting our products at the Vendor Fair, as well as attending papers at the forum. This meeting offers the unique opportunity for our team to broaden their heat exchanger knowledge and contribute to discussions which help steer the direction of future heat exchanger research.

So much more to come as we reflect on the connections, knowledge, and exposure we’ve gained throughout 2014, we look forward to filling our schedule with numerous functions to attend in the coming year. The power generation industry is ever changing and developing with new research and innovations.

We value each and every opportunity to connect and convene with the individuals and companies at the forefront of these discoveries. Please stay tuned for further details on the other events we will attend in 2015.