Ford City, PA- Projectile Tube Cleaning Inc has announced the acquisition of Heat Exchanger Products Corporation (HEPCO). Projectile Tube Cleaning will integrate HEPCO into one company that will complement the industrial condenser and heat exchanger services offered by Projectile Tube Cleaning. The transaction closed on March 15, 2024. The addition of HEPCO plugs to Projectile’s portfolio of heat exchanger products allows Projectile to offer a larger array of tube plugging solutions.  The acquisition increases the amount of plug material types and sizes that Projectile is able to offer.  We now offer plugs for every major heat exchanger tube material and size. Both HEPCO and Projectile serve the same power and industrial customers. As one company, we can concentrate on the best solutions for each customer and different situations.

About Projectile Tube Cleaning   

Projectile Tube Cleaning Inc. specializes in condenser and heat exchanger maintenance solutions. The company offers a full range of condenser and heat exchanger maintenance products and services.  Projectile Tube Cleaning has over 30 years of experience in the industry and we are specialists in condenser related services which include condenser tube cleaning, air cooled condenser cleaning, helium leak detection, plate and frame heat exchanger cleaning, industrial coatings, and expansion joint repair and replacement.  We also manufacture patented condenser tube cleaners that are typically used in conjunction with our condenser and heat exchanger tube cleaning services along with tube cleaning equipment. 

Projectile Tube Cleaning

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