Condenser/Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs
Internal Tube

Test Plugs
Plug & Track -
Tube Markers

High Pressure Plugs
Installation Kit
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Condenser/Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs

Expandable Tube Plugs to seal off heat exchanger and condenser tubes either permanently or temporarily.
Material Choices:  Titanium  |  Brass  |  Stainless Steel  |  ULTEM2300/Non-metallic Plugs
Internal Tube Plugs

Made to easily be inserted and seat fully inside condenser/heat exchanger tubes.
Test Plugs

Our Test Plugs are economical and effectively seal off tubes temporarily for the purpose of testing.
Plug & Track - Tube Markers

Use this color coded system to identify specific tube problems in your heat exchangers & condensers.
High Pressure Plugs

A higher pressure mechanical plug to seal off tubes up to 1000 psi.
Installation Kit for Plugs

For fast and simple installation, we offer our Pre-Set Torque Wrench Sets to take the guess work out of plugging your tubes.
Heat Exchanger Products Corp manufactures the most reliable silicone condenser tube plugs on the market today for
several industries, including: electrical generating plants both nuclear and fossil, pulp and paper and petro-chemical.
Condenser Cleaning & Testing Services
Hennigan Engineering offers a wide variety of condenser and heat exchanger cleaning services....View Now
Custom Plugs
Learn how HEPCO can meet your specific silicone condenser tube plugs needs....View Now
Key Benefits Industries Material Choices
  • Will not fracture/distort tube or tube sheet
  • Easily installed/extracted
  • Reusable
  • Ideal for coated surfaces
  • Non-corrosive
  • 20 year life expectancy in normal service
  • Installation kit available (pre-set torque wrenches)
  • Nuclear
  • Fossil
  • Marine
  • Petro-Chemical
  • Pulp and Paper
  • Industrial
  • Brass
  • 316 Stainless Steel
  • Titanium
  • Non-metallic

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Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs and Condenser Tube Plugs

WBENC logo (1)The Most Reliable Heat Exchanger Tube Plugs in the Industry

Heat Exchanger Products Corp manufactures top quality silicone condenser tube plugs for several industries, including nuclear and fossil electrical generating plants, petro-chemical, marine and pulp and paper, and petro-chemical. Our versatile range of heat exchanger plugs are celebrated amongst tube plug experts and innovators for their precise craftsmanship, unwavering quality and above all, dependability.

Tube Plugs for Every Application

Choose from a full spectrum of brass, stainless steel, titanium and Ultem 2300 polymer tube plugs for your trade-specific requirements. Heat Exchanger Products Corporation is dedicated to every client’s individual needs, and will design and manufacture custom tube plugs for almost any unique application.

Your Trusted Condenser Tube Plug Manufacturer

Contact the experts of Heat Exchanger Products Corp at (800) 749-0220 for your tube plug quote and enjoy the peace of mind that comes with years of experience and reliability.